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  1. Something Great
  2. Right Now
  3. Why Don’t We Go There
  4. Midnight Memories
  5. Better Than Words
  6. Strong
  7. Does He Know
  8. Through The Dark
  9. Don’t Forget Where You Belong
  10. Happily
  11. Alive
  12. Half A Heart
  13. Little White Lies
  14. You & I
  15. Little Black Dress

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“Louis. Louis. Louis. LOUIS!!”

Louis refuses to pay attention to whatever assistant is currently calling his name. Why would he ever want to pay attention to anything but his baby, his tiny little boy cooing at him from Harry’s arms?

“Hi, hello, hi,” he says to Daniel, who burbles happily and waves his arms, trying to reach out to Louis. Louis grins wider and boops him on his teeny perfect button nose, just to see his little boy smile at him. He makes another stupid face and then laughs at himself.

“Louis, please, I just need you to sign this.” Louis pokes his finger out toward Daniel one more time, then finally turns to the blond woman hovering in front of him. He gives her what she wants and she leaves the room.

Louis turns back to Harry, finding him bouncing Daniel lightly in his arms, making dumb faces at him. Harry’s eyes are sparkling with joy and his hands are unbelievably enormous on Daniel’s teeny body. Louis presses close to them and takes Daniel from Harry, tucking him gently into the crook of his elbow. Daniel blinks big blue eyes up at him, and smiles. Louis’ heart might actually burst with happiness.

“He’s so cute,” he murmurs helplessly. “Harry, he’s so fucking cute, our baby is the cutest baby in the whole damn world.”

Harry’s voice is a deep, content rumble in Louis’ ear as he wraps his arms around Louis from behind. “I know. I kinda love him a lot.”

“A lot a lot,” Louis agrees mindlessly. Harry is making faces at Daniel over Louis’ shoulder and Daniel is smiling up at them both, making happy gurgling noises and waving his chubby little arms.

Louis lifts him up, holding Daniel so his face tucks into the crook of Louis’ neck and Louis can press his nose into his impossibly soft hair. He inhales deeply and closes his eyes. It’s been months since they became parents and Louis still hasn’t lost that feeling of amazement, the intense joy and the disbelief that this is finally, finally his.

He’d dreamt of being a dad for years before he even met Harry, and his longing had only intensified once he realised how much he wanted a family with Harry. They had yearned for this together for so long, and now that it’s actually happened…Louis’ never felt this kind of joy.

Harry’s lips press against his cheek in a long, tender kiss and Louis opens his eyes with a smile. “Hiya.”

“You’re so beautiful with him,” Harry says softly. He leans over Louis to kiss Daniel’s hair. “I love you a lot.”

“I love you too. A lot a lot,” Louis agrees again. Their son (their son, Louis can’t believe he gets to say that) is nestled between them, warm and soft and tiny and perfect. Louis kisses Harry slow and sweet, because his dreams have literally come true and there’s nobody in the world he’d rather share this with.

- (ashavahishta)



u know louis is looking at his phone right now thinkin “oh my god these little shits”